Create A Cartoon Portrait Yourself | Photoshop CC 2017 Tutorial.



Are you searching for creating cartoon portrait of yourself? You may have some great tolls online to create a cartoon avatar yourself. But online tools only use effects or filters to make a cartoon. You can use your cartoon portrait as a profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and any other places. Or cartoon portrait is a special fun gift to your favorite one.  

Cartoon portrait or vexel art yourself make you look like different than real. But it’s almost same as your and it’s a great fun to get a self-portrait art. You can show yourself as a creative by getting your caricature art. If you like to make yourself a cartoon portrait, than you need a good Photo Editing skills to make cartoonize yourself. You have learn the right use of the software’s that can make vector art. If you like to do cartoon art with online tools than it’s simple. Just put your photo on that site and chose their tools and options to make yourself cartoon portrait. But i recommend that online tools just use effects to make your photo a cartoon portrait. that’s not great at all. Check out the cartoon arts on this post. All are custom cartoon portrait and fully handmade. This needs you to have a great skills on Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator.

On the top Video i showed a full method of – How to create a cartoon yourself in Photoshop cc 2017 step by step tutorial. The entire video will let you know how we made professional vexels in Photoshop. These is a long cartoon portrait tutorial, so seat tight and see all. The entire vide will help you to make yourself cartoon caricature. I personally use Adobe Photoshop cc 2017 to design Cartoon Portrait. You can design your vexel only using 3 or 4 simple tools on Photoshop. Before starting you need to know few details about Pen tool, Shape Tool and the color combination. Custom cartoon portrait is more professional and creative than an effect portrait.

Need To Create Yourself a Cartoon Portrait ? Don’t Worry we here to help you to get a custom cartoon portrait or vexel art of your Photo.

Cartoonize Yourself

Hey! are you really need your photo to be cartoonize.

I am here with my supper cartoonist skill

This service is also known as vector art or vector illustration. I will make your photo a supper realistic cartoon portrait. the total design will be made 100% custom and no filler or plug ins will be used.Click To Check

Steps to create cartoon of yourself.

  • Learn Basics of Photoshop or illustrator.
  • Learn detail about Pen tool and Shape use. Find Pen tool Video on YouTube.
  • Know about Layer Management on software. It’s help you to organize your design.
  • Read some article about Color Combination and managements on Google or YouTube.
  • See my video to learn How to make cartoon of yourself or you can search something similar on YouTube or Google.
  • Start Your Design and see how much you can do. If you fail than don’t forget to practice more and more.
  • Success will comes in right time.

Ok, I wish you have read the article and you worked hard to learn Cartoon Portrait art. Now you need to know why people need cartoon portrait or vexel arts. Below I will show you why people need and where people can use their cartoon caricature.

Why you need Cartoon Portrait?

  • Cartoonize yourself can be a special gifts to your favorite one or for your family members.
  • It’s a great fun to see you different but staying same as before.
  • You can use your cartoon caricature on your online profile. Like – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus or any of your online places.
  • By getting your team members cartoon portrait, you can use it on website or events or can be hanging on your office.
  • Cartoon Portrait logo is now popular for website and multimedia.
  • You can use a full body cartoon caricature for brand promotion.

Dribbble Shots

What are you thinking now for your cartoon art? If you don’t have much time to learn cartoon art, Than you can contact with us and can hire a great cartoonist here. We do any kinds of  “cartoon art, Cartoon portrait, vector illustration, vector portrait, caricature design, vexel art, portrait illustration or any vector design”.

Check below our Prices and Order System.

  • One person Head to Shoulder Cartoon Portrait – $10
  • One Person Half Body Cartoon caricature – $20
  • One Person Full Body Vexel art and all source file – $50
  • All portrait will be in Colored.
  • High Quality Cartoon Caricature in 4000 pixel dimension.
  • Unlimited Revision we offered.
  • 24 hours in 7 days our service open.
  • Money back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Friendly Customer Support.

Please Don’t forget to contact with us if you have any question. You may be disappointed about the price. All of our Cartoon portrait fully custom made and also standard layer source file. We also offer bonuses by conversation. You can contact with us first.

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